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Bell Choir
















The St Andrew Handbell choir is an enthusiastic group of musicians who rehearse in the church Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm (September-June.)   This small group of joyful  musicians blesses our church with glorious, ringing music!

The group uses a a 2 octave set of English handbells, to achieve many different beautiful musical effects.  The coordination of the bell ringers requires a different approach than other ensembles. All the ringers read from a complete score.  


Although we have been fortunate to have members of the bell choir who have had experience, the director has also taught willing musicians to use the handbells.  Anyone interested in becoming a member of the bell choir should have the ability to read music and rhythms.  One need not be Catholic to be a member of the bell choir. 


If you are interested in the possibility of becoming a member of the St Andrew Bell Choir, please contact Carlisle Wildeman 860 537 7714



























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