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Greeter Ministry


The St Andrew Greeter ministry is part of our mission to extend hospitality to all who visit our "home"-- St Andrew Church! Greeters typically arrive at their assigned mass 15-20 minutes prior to the beginning of mass, and stand at one of our 4 entrance doors in order to say "Good morning!"  "Good Afternoon!" to parishioners/guests as they enter our church.  Greeters also hand out bulletins at the end of mass. Our greeters love meeting people!


Anyone is welcome to become a greeter!   We have single people, retired people, teens, kids, people who have lived in Colchester forever, people who just moved to town, and entire families  who are part of this wonderful ministry!  Greeters are typically scheduled 1-2 times per month, but..... there are a few of us who love to greet every weekend, because we love it! We are so blessed!


This ministry is not active at this time



















































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