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Guardian Angels Parish
Office of Faith Formation

First Communion

The PDF below provides the First Communion schedule for the 2023 - 2024 year.  This includes the 1st Communion Rehearsal/Confession date/time and 1st Communion date/time.  The document also provides additional information.  Parents should review this PDF periodically as information may be adjusted.


1/31/2024 through end of February (2/25/2024)

Just to let you know, we will be starting the 1st Communion reviews beginning February 4th continuing thru the entire month. This includes their prayers as well as the questions (both sides) of the paper you received at the parent meeting. I will be attaching a copy to this email in case it is needed.


No appointment is needed unless you want to do the review any other time then Sunday morning. We suggest you stay with your child thru the review process so you can understand what your child knows and/or needs help with. We also suggest even if you think your child may not know everything you let them come in and be tested then you only have to work on what they do not know and come back for a retest.


If you have any concerns please contact the office at 860-537-5415.

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