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Legion of Mary



The Legion of Mary is an organization for the laity to be the extension of the priest.  Legionaries do spiritual works of mercy to serve others and give glory to God through prayer and active cooperation in Mary's and the Church's work.  This organization was founded in Ireland on September 7, 1921 by the servant of God Frank Duff.  There are over 3 million active members and 15 million praying members.


The object of the Legion of Mary is the glory of God.  There are two main types of membership:


1. Active-- Active members meet once a week in a family setting to grow spiritually in their faith by praying the holy Rosary, prayers from the Tessera which is a compilation of the Legion's prayers, and reading a Spiritual reading from the Legion of Mary Handbook.  Also, members serve the Church and their neighbor on a voluntary basis.  Their weekly apostolic work is done in the spirit of faith and in union with Mary. This includes the visitation and the offering of the Blessed Sacrament to the residents of Harrington Court and Apple Rehab, visiting shut ins, a weekly visit to York prison in Niantic, and other good works.  On a personal level ,the members have a very close solidarity and attachment.


2. Auxiliary-- Auxiliary members pray the holy Rosary every day as well as the prayer in the Tessera of the Legion of Mary.


We can conceive of no higher calling than to be in the service of God, thus we give ourselves to Him through His Mother.  We give Mary all our thoughts, words, actions, suffering, and our every moment without exception.  Whether we work or rest, everything is done for Jesus and Mary.


Meeting Time - Wednesdays 8:30 A.M Parish Hall


To quote Frank Duff:  " =Thus will you make your passage through this life worthwhile, what it is supposed to be ."


For information, or to join our St Andrew Legion of Mary, contact

Sharon Cooley (860) 537-7780



















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